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linkin 'fiasco' park
wah biang ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

what the fuck

it was so freakin short

they started so late (i think it wasn't their fault)

we waited for more than one hour in the pen, heard the sound system checking-thingy three times, was entertained by run dmc's music. THEN they come , they start, they break, they throw drum sticks(which i fucken couldn't get), they throw bottles of mineral water , do their thing, then they go . no encore no nothing .

fuck . singapore audience suck . we wanted to shout for encore but only the two of us were interested.

and the stupid ang moh . please larh you are in fucken singapore and its not exactly difficult to see that you are TWICE the size of the people around you and at least 1.8m tall . people jump up and down , you extra extra go dance for what !??!you think you're in a club ???? do you know how small the girls behind you were ? do you know people fell down cuz of you ?? bleddy hell . know your size and be more considerate pls . you may do this in your own country where pretty much everyone is about your size , but this is SINGAPORE . ITS AN ASIAN COUNTRY IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED , HELLO .

ANDDDD. dear joe, phoenix, brad, rob . what's wrong ? why the ultra sad and stern looks ? esp brad . i thought he was the more jolly one among them . they looked so sick and TOTALLY SIAN . fuck seh . only chester and mike looked alive . ok maybe they are like this for every concert .

wah lushington entertainment TOTALLY SUCKED . what the fuck is wrong with your fucken sound system !? you made mike sound like a duck ! maybe they looked so pissed off cuz of the ultra sucky sound system .

EH . overall . the music was good arh . i realized my dream of seeing lp live before i die . even though i couldn't see much cuz i was practically a dwarf there . but i swear im NEVER going to another lp concert if lushington is the organiser again . freak of a sound system .


i love you, chester and mike . and dave/phoenix . and brad's hair . and rob's stressed face . and joe's pissed off face. thanks for performing . i love linkin park . maybe not forever , but for as long as i live . muacks.

i don't understand
a reminder is a reminder . why are there 'gentle' reminders ? does reminders have enough life in them to allow adjectives for them ? o but then nouns doesn't necessarily have life .

why is it that in almost all fightin animes , the main guy must must must MUST be gaining powers/training in order to be more powerful so that they can protect their lovers/friends/family ?

why can't they be gaining powers for themselves ? why is it that those who try to be more powerful for their own sakes are aLwayS the bad guys ?

in samurai x , kenshin learned hiten mitsurugi to protect everyone in the dojo

in naruto , naruto wants to protect konoha village and his friends

in bleach , ichigo reaches bankai after much hard work and learns to control the hollow within , to protect rukia and gang and the world

shi shi
hi dee i hope you are readin this Collapse )

o . lookin at the pics . . damn, dee . sorry for makin you so sian . and sorry for the blur pics . you know how shaky my hands are . haha

- wishing a nikon coolpix with vibration reduction will drop from the sky into my outstretched palms =[

what a good role model

well well well . welllllll . 

hahaha its been so difficult to stop myself from giggling whenever a customer buys high school musical stuff in the shop or when i pack the stuff . damn it's funny to see them looking so happy to bring a 'troy' or 'gaBRiellA' home when there she is taking nude photos for leisure . i know this is kinda old news but , boy i'm actually selling hsm stationaries to kids who adore vanessa hudgens . do they even know bout her scandal ? 

i borrowed a tabloid from the mama shop and there was an article on hsm2 . ha there were some really classic quotes . 

__>his girl , zac told Rolling Stone , is a 'very very sexy woman.' 

__> at the hsm2 premiere at disneyland on aug 14 , a hsm source says 'they really are good role models , it's not just a put-on .' 

__> a reporter asked zac why did he fall for his leading lady . as he puts it , 'she's fun!'

__> 'at heart,they remain low-key kids who were raised by middle-class parents and like to do pretty much the same things they did before they were stars.'

hsm rocks!Collapse ) 
now if i read the quotes again after seeing the pics ; damn it totally makes sense , doesn't it ?

now now . i dont mean any harm . she sings real good anyway . ha . and disney is still going to keep her ! after saying that she's young and doesn't realize the full impact on disney for what she has done . one day they say they are replacing her in hsm3 . the next day they say she's staying on cuz they forgave her . wow . whoever said these pictures are gonna ruin her future big-star career ? me thinks she's gonna get even more famous . and she's damn hot . and .. im getting so tabloid-y

I HATE xedo .

fuck . no wonder you are getting death threats . why make life so difficult for us ? it's impossible that the animes anyone downloads can add up to $3000 or even $5000 arh !

HA HA . guess what . you attack netizens . they state the fact that your animes are badly dubbed , sometimes even inaccurate .

you say that the subtitles were tweaked because of Singapore's censorship laws.
Mr 'HAHA I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN, I PWNED ILLEGAL DOWNLOADERS' Go (or was it stephen sing ?dono larh)  said the subtitles of certain anime series had to be tweaked to conform with the Board of Film Censors' requirements.

He cited the example of popular anime series Fruits Basket, which contained content deemed too risque.

'We need to abide by the board's regulations - the series cannot have certain religious connotations, be too violent or touch on issues like homosexuality,' he said

now see what the BFC says ?

<<<<<<< quoted from TNP >>>>>>>
Subtitles must be done accurately: Censors
Letter form Tan Lee Cheng, Senior Asst Director (Film Standards), Board of Film Censors

We refer to the article "Japanese anime firms close ranks with Odex" (Aug 31).

Mr Peter Go, managing director of Odex, is said to have commented that the subtitles of some of his anime series had to be tweaked to conform to the Board of Film Censors' (BFC) requirements.

This statement is not correct and the BFC would like to take this opportunity to clarify its position.

Subtitles are usually provided by distributors to reach out to a wider audience or to translate content that may be in a foreign language (example, Japanese anime). There are occasions when the quality of translation may be the cause of poor subtitling. This has nothing to do with the classification process but it is still worthwhile for distributors to address as consumers would expect to have accurate translation of purchased works.

It is also the distributor's responsibility to ensure that subtitles reflect the true content of an anime (that is, animation) especially its dialogue and commentary. If subtitles are not accurate, they can mislead the viewer and also make it difficult for the BFC to classify an anime accurately.

The BFC has never asked for subtitles to be tweaked. We require that subtitles accurately reflect the content of a film or video so that we can classify the content accurately. Inaccurate subtitles also do no service to the community or to the young who may be misled into thinking that an anime is suitable for them when it could be meant for a higher age group.

As the ratings for videos (including anime) range from G to M18, there is sufficient leeway to allow for the subtitling of mature content without subtitles having to be tweaked.

We urge all distributors to translate and subtitle their content accurately so that they can provide an informative service to viewers. 

HARRRRRRR HARRRRRRR . xedo kena pwned again .

Writer's Block: Time Travel
If you could travel back in time to spend a day with someone, who would it be and why?

mr ng, of course.

why ? cuz i want to hear his voice .
why ? cuz i miss his nagging and his humor .
why ? cuz i want to relive memories long gone .
why ? cuz i want to just sit down and talk to him .
why ? cuz i want to know why he didn't want us to visit him .
why ? cuz i want to hear him say that i'm very troublesome again .
why ? cuz i want to borrow the school tie again , like i did every tuesday .
why ? cuz i wanna tell him that that stomach ache was more than what we thought it was .
why ? cuz i want to bother him to save the cat stuck in the drain again .
why ? cuz i want to sit in his class again and see him scold the boys .
why ? cuz i'm still wrecked with guilt for not visiting him .
why ? cuz i want to be able to shout 'YO' to him again .
why ? cuz i miss his funny insults and sarcasm .
why ? cuz i want to irritate him like i used to .
why ? cuz he's not around anymore .
why ? cuz i want to say sorry .
why ? cuz i miss him .

hairy potty
damn it . im working the whole day so i wont be able to read harry immediately . ARGH . THE AGONY . THE ANGUISH . fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck .

let's see . this is my speculation . i hope sirius will make a comeback [somehow , be it total revival or spirit or soul or poltergeist] . sir radcliffe the richest actor thinks that sirius might be made the tragic hero or sorts . possible

the guy who got the last [what was it ? i dun remember] might be snape . but i still believe in snape . i still think there's a reason wy he killed dumbledore . of cuz dumbledore will make a comeback , perhaps a mini one . as a painting maybe ? i still think snape's a good guy . i still think he's on dumblydorr's side . i still believe he will help harry destroy tom riddle .

i still believe . fwah .

what the fuck is wrong with you ?!


and i DID NOT ask EVERYONE to adjust yourselves to FIT ME


stop it . STOP IT

oh mika , would you appear before me ?
oh dear boy oh my love
who would have thought that the voice of a man whom you are never going to see in your whole life is the only thing that could make you smile now ?

In any other world
You could tell the difference
And let it all unfurl
Into broken remnants

Smile like you mean it
And let yourself let go

'Cause it's all in the hands of a bitter, bitter old man
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
Take a bow, play the part of a Lonely, lonely heart
Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in
To the world you thought you lived in

I tried to live alone
But lonely is so lonely, alone
So human as I am
I had to give up my defenses

So I smiled and tried to mean it
To make myself let go

p.s: i really love you .

(no subject)
i wasnt tryin to be difficult . i know it doesnt matter if im there or not . so dont bother anymore . thanks